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The call centre has long been the go-to for customer service and support. But in today’s mobile-first, messaging-centric world, the traditional call-centre model is showing its age. Customers are increasingly frustrated with clunky IVR phone trees, long hold times, and robotic service. For a great customer experience in 2023, the call centre needs an overhaul.

The Frustrations of Call Centres  

Calling a support line often leads to customer annoyance rather than resolution. After navigating through layers of menus, customers wait on hold for an agent to pick up. According to studies, the average hold time is now over 10 minutes. Customers complain of repeating information multiple times to different agents. Transferred calls result in more holds and repetition.

Once on the line with an agent, the interaction is purely functional. There’s no personal connection or relationship built. For customer-centric companies today, this disjointed engagement falls painfully short.  

Customers demand ease, convenience, and empathy. Phone tag with a faceless call centre simply doesn’t cut it anymore. The traditional call centre model has run its course.

The Rise of Messaging 

While call volume is dropping across industries, messaging is exploding. WhatsApp alone processes 100 billion messages a day. Customers strongly prefer messaging apps over calling for customer support and service. Messaging fosters meaningful back-and-forth dialogue and relationships.

With messaging, information flows freely. Customers message support agents directly without holds, transfers, or repeating information. It’s a frictionless, personalised engagement that customers love.

Messaging Platforms: The New Switchboard

Leading companies are ditching clunky call-centre technology and adopting messaging platforms like Message Matrix. Message Matrix streamlines customer communication with a virtual messaging switchboard.

Just like an old telephone switchboard, Message Matrix instantly routes incoming customer messages to the right support agents or teams. But unlike antiquated phone switchboards, Message Matrix supercharges the experience with:

– Real-time message translation

– Identity verification 

– Secure file sharing

– Automated bots 

– Biometric approvals

– And more!

With these capabilities, messaging blows phone support out of the water. Customers get fast, personalised resolution via their preferred communication channel.

Customer Satisfaction Soars with Messaging

Research shows that customer satisfaction scores are 15-20% higher for messaging support over call centres. Customers appreciate the convenience, speed, and personal touch of messaging.

By embracing messaging platforms like Message Matrix, leading companies are forging stronger customer connections and winning long-term loyalty.

In 2023 and beyond, phone calls just don’t cut it for great support. To deliver standout service that wows customers, businesses need an intelligent messaging platform with the versatility of a supercharged switchboard. Message Matrix empowers businesses to connect with customers in a wholly better way.

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