For automotive organisations, cultivating strong customer relationships hinges on effective and engaging communication channels.

Driving customer


Welcome to the future of customer engagement in the automotive industry! At Message Matrix, we understand the automotive sector’s unique needs, and we’re here to turbocharge your customer interactions.

Our unique technology enables your staff to collaborate seamlessly, boosting customer satisfaction resolving queries at top speed.

Unlock the road to enhanced customer satisfaction, engagement, and efficient resolutions.



Bring the best of your business to your customers with Message Matrix’s unique Message Switchboard. Ensure controlled and convenient customer and staff messaging, with all the tools needed for efficient and compliant collaboration.

  • Efficient customer routing and handover
  • Collaborative customer engagement
  • Organisational oversight and control with audit trails
  • Secure file sharing
  • Biometric Approval
  • Low-friction communication

is the ultimate
way to reach

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70% of people are likely to choose a “message us” button over a “call us” button on a company website

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Customer satisfaction rates are 25% higher for chatting and messaging than for calling

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has six times
the engagment
of email

Clients expect

convenience and efficiency

Embrace a future of convenient, engaging, and streamlined client interactions. Service your clients with confidence and elevate your client relationships today with Message Matrix, revolutionising the way you communicate.

Automotive and Message Matrix

Message Matrix streamlines communication, ensures data privacy, and enhances the staff and customer experience. Simplify your customer engagement, stay ahead of the curve, and elevate your communication with Message Matrix – the tool that empowers your organisation for success in an ever-evolving automotive landscape.

Why choose

Message Matrix

Drive customer satisfaction and efficiency and empower your teams across the board. With Message Matrix, you can streamline appointments, boost engagement, and reduce costs. From scheduling test drives, converting customers, and managing service requests, our professional messaging solution ensures smooth, secure, and data-protected interactions. Make every interaction valuable.

Customer Support and Service Scheduling

Message Matrix provides efficient customer support through secure messaging channels. Customers can easily reach out for inquiries, appointment scheduling and service updates or requests. The Message Switchboard ensures that customers are connected to the right department or service advisor, improving response times and overall customer satisfaction.

Sales and Marketing Outreach

Sales and marketing teams can leverage Message Matrix to seamlessly connect with leads and customers via secure messaging. This robust tool empowers them to effortlessly share vital product information, exclusive promotions, and the latest updates on new vehicle models. Furthermore, the platform's comprehensive compliance features guarantee the utmost protection and adherence to stringent legal data handling requirements for valued customers.

Parts and Inventory Management

Message Matrix excels at optimising communication across various teams tasked with parts and inventory management. With real-time collaboration capabilities, teams can easily coordinate, share live stock level updates, request prompt replenishments, and quickly resolve any supply chain challenges. This invaluable tool empowers your organisation to maintain a well-oiled inventory system while fostering cohesive interdepartmental or cross-branch communication.

Technical Support and Troubleshooting

For technical issues or troubleshooting, provide customers with a secure messaging channel to connect directly with technical support staff. This system allows customers to send multimedia messages, including photos or videos illustrating vehicle problems, which, in turn, enables support teams to diagnose and provide solutions more effectively.

Compliance Reporting and Documentation

Message Matrix's robust compliance reporting and audit trail capabilities are crucial to assist in meeting stringent regulatory requirements (e.g., FCA, SEC, FINRA). The platform can be used to securely document and archive communications related to financial transactions, customer consent management, and data privacy, helping the organisation maintain compliance with industry regulations.

Maximize sales, increase revenue,

and foster strong client relationships

Social Messaging Integrations
Biometric Approval
Extensive App Integration
Message Switchboard
Add or Remove Collegues
Secure Document Sharing
Voice and Video Calls
QR Code Communication

Trusted by industry leaders

Message Matrix’s compliant technology is optimised for and has been validated by major financial institutions.

Stay ahead of the curve

Message Matrix is a powerful messaging platform to help you effectively manage your customer relationships. Turn the corner and elevate your automotive business with efficient communication, secure file sharing, and enhanced customer engagement. 

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