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Our digital landscape is rapidly evolving and it’s crucial for businesses to communicate and engage with clients as efficiently as possible. Many companies rely heavily on email as their primary communication channel. But with inbox overload and low open rates plaguing email marketing, businesses should consider embracing messaging platforms as a more effective alternative.

The Dwindling Effectiveness of Email

There was a time when email was the only digital communication channel available. But over the past decade, email open and response rates have steadily declined. Studies show that the average email open rate is only 15-20%, and getting lower each year. With the rise of messaging apps, email is simply not capturing people’s attention like it used to. 

Email overload is a real problem. The average office worker gets over 120 emails per day. Important messages get lost in the sea of promotions, newsletters, and other non-essential emails. For customer-facing communication, email is not an ideal channel.

In addition to low engagement, email presents compliance and data privacy challenges. Confidential client information in an email inbox is vulnerable to security breaches and data leaks. Many industries like healthcare and financial services require encrypted communication channels to meet regulatory requirements. Email falls short on compliance.

The Rise and Effectiveness of Messaging 

Messaging apps like WhatsApp and SMS texting are exploding in popularity. People rely on messaging to connect with friends, family, and even businesses. Messaging opens up two-way conversational communication that email chains cannot match.

Unlike email, messaging achieves sky-high engagement. Over 98% of SMS text messages and 90% of WhatsApp messages are opened within minutes. Response rates are high because messaging fosters quick back-and-forth communication.

For customer service, support tickets, and other client interactions, messaging drives much higher satisfaction than email. Messaging enables personal connection with fast resolution. 

Compliance and security are also strengths of messaging platforms. Leading solutions like Message Matrix integrate encrypted messaging across multiple channels like WhatsApp and SMS. Sensitive data stays protected with Features like biometric identity verification, audit trails, archiving, and more. Messaging checks the compliance boxes that email cannot deliver.

Bringing Messaging Into Your Business

Forward-thinking companies are augmenting email with messaging to transform customer and client communication. With the right messaging platform, businesses can message clients securely while maintaining compliance.

Message Matrix is an enterprise-grade messaging solution built for business. With Message Matrix, your company can:

– Integrate popular messaging channels like WhatsApp and SMS 

– Maintain regulatory compliance with encryption, audit trails, and data privacy controls

– Verify identities and digitally sign off secure transactions

– Enable agents to collaborate for quick client resolution

– Route client messages to the right agents with a virtual switchboard

Modern customers expect messaging-based communication with businesses. Keep up with customer expectations and drive better engagement with Message Matrix’s messaging platform. Ditch the ineffective email overload and embrace the engagement power of messaging.

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