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There are numerous benefits to be had by implementing a robust and dependable instant messaging platform for your business. A high-end team chat facilitation tool can play a key role in boosting the level and quality of communication throughout the organisation.

In 2022, a McKinsey report revealed that as many as 80% of businesses globally had opted to make use of digital social collaboration tools as a way of boosting their business processes.

The reason cited for this increased uptake of such collaboration tools was that it was believed to facilitate an increase in productivity by as much as 20%, thanks to improvements in communication quality and levels of collaboration. 

With that in mind, let us explore some of the benefits of having a powerful group chat platform supporting your operations.

Reduce Email Overload

According to Forbes, many employees suffer from mental exhaustion and lowered productivity, thanks in large part to being met by an overload of emails to deal with every day. McKinsey reported that as much as 28% of the day ‒ or about 2.6 hours ‒ of an average employee is spent on email inbox management activities. As such, reducing this could lead to improved productivity and more focused employees.

The solution? Have smaller, more routine operational conversations migrate to instant messaging. This can help reduce the clutter in employees’ inboxes, making it easier for them to prioritise critical messages and reducing the risk of missing something important due to their overstuffed email inboxes.

Facilitate Real-Time Communication

Instant messaging, as the name suggests, is immediate. This allows for rapid communication between team members across any distance, making it a useful tool in the day-to-day operations of businesses. It enables them to issue clarifications, updates, and address questions promptly. Issues can be resolved faster, and project delays can be minimised.

Research reveals that productivity could be boosted by as much as 30% just by providing more instant and effective communication technology and methodology.

Improve Employee Engagement

Through the incorporation of a more relaxed and informal communication style inherent in instant messaging, workplace culture can be boosted and employee engagement enhanced. Such a messaging system will allow employees to feel more comfortable asking questions, seeking help, sharing ideas, and promoting a general sense of camaraderie.

As many as 28% of employees reported in a recent survey that poor communication and inadequate employee engagement were the causes of poor work performance. Moreover, employees are reportedly 4.6 times more likely to deliver better work when they are empowered through effective employee engagement and feel as though they have a voice.

Improve Collaboration

Research conducted by Queens University revealed that 39% of employees in various industries felt like people in their companies failed to collaborate sufficiently. Additionally, as many as 86% of employees and business leaders believe that ineffective collaboration and communication are the main causes of problems and failures in the workplace.

It is for this reason that statistics show that two of the most important reasons that businesses are adopting instant messaging are improved efficiency (22%), and better team collaboration (14%).

Therefore, it is worth noting that one of the most powerful benefits of instant messaging platforms is how they allow teams to collaborate more seamlessly through group chats and foster a sense of togetherness, even when they are dispersed. 

Features such as screen sharing and video conferencing enable collaborative functionality and promote better teamwork. This boosts synergies and enables a more productive and efficient organisation.

Provide Improved Security And Privacy

Instant messaging platforms have robust security measures, particularly when used within the context and under the management of an organisation. 

Data security breaches are a significant concern for most businesses in 2023, so improving the technology security measures surrounding communications and messaging is of critical importance.

Collaborative platforms, such as Message Matrix, can ensure better integration of encryption and access control than might be achieved through individual instant messaging apps. This can help protect sensitive company information and prevent employees from misusing messaging systems.

Capture Every Interaction

Our secure messaging solution eliminates communication gaps and improves productivity. Staff can maintain an auditable data trail to support data accuracy and regulatory compliance, providing complete transparency to clients. Regulators require all communication with clients to be captured and archived, ensuring compliance and providing a comprehensive record of your interactions for future reference. With market-leading security and privacy scores, Message Matrix offers a highly secure messaging platform that prioritises data security and compliance with industry regulations.

If you want to take advantage of the many benefits that an instant messaging platform can provide for your business, then contact us at Message Matrix today. We can provide you with state-of-the-art 1 on 1 and group chat functionality that is tailored to your business’s unique needs.  

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