For industry professionals offering financial advice and management services, clients expect efficient communication that’s engaging and easy to use.

Messaging Platform for Financial Industries

The need for a transformative solution

is undeniable

Financial professionals in today’s fast-paced industry are still using outdated communication methods, which creates sluggish client engagement, hindered relationships, and inefficiencies in service delivery. The constant juggling between various platforms leads to communication gaps, limited functionality and a lack of control and organisation.

Clients expect

convenience and efficiency

Embrace a future of convenient, engaging, and streamlined client interactions. Service your clients with confidence and elevate your client relationships today with Message Matrix, revolutionising the way you communicate.

Financial Services and Message Matrix

At Message Matrix we believe in the power of seamless communication to drive success and foster meaningful connections. With our innovative solution, we revolutionise the way businesses engage with their customers.



Bring the best of your organisation to your clients with Message Matrix’s unique Message Switchboard. Ensure controlled and convenient client and staff messaging, with all the tools needed for efficient and compliant collaboration.

  • Efficient Client Routing
  • Collaborative Client Engagement
  • Organisational Oversight and Control
  • Secure File Sharing
  • Low-friction Communication

Messaging is the ultimate way to reach clients

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100 Billion Messages sent daily on WhatsApp

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91% of consumers would opt-in for text messages from brands

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Text messaging has six times the engagment of email

Why choose

Message Matrix

Maximise your financial service offering with Message Matrix! Quicker resolutions, convenient communication, integrated social apps, auditable records, and more. Elevate client engagement effortlessly while staying secure and compliant.

Transactional Capabilities

With a rising number of mobile clients, data security in transactions is paramount. With optional integrations into your backend payment solution, Message Matrix empowers clients to chat with staff and authorise transactions instantly through biometric approval, eliminating frustrating telephone hold queues.

Closer Client Engagement

Legacy communication solutions provide a poor experience for both clients and staff. Clients are accustomed to and comfortable with messaging as their primary mode of communication, making it their preferred choice. With messaging open rates outweighing email by over 80%, and messaging engagements 10x that of email, Message Matrix provides organisations with the modern solution to client engagement.

Reducing the Cost of Servicing Clients

Legacy solutions such as email and telephone helpdesks not only provide a poor customer experience, but they are expensive to run with many inefficiencies. With your clients demand for convenient communication, Message Matrix enables organisations to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of all client communications.

Quicker Resolutions

Through our unique Messaging Switchboard, Message Matrix enables you to seamlessly bring the best of your business to each client. Should a client need support from a colleague, your staff can add their colleagues/teams into any conversation ensuring faster and more efficient resolutions.

Organisational Oversight and Control

WhatsApp and SMS dominate the global market for messaging. When staff use these channels to communicate with clients, they do so without your organisation’s oversight. This is both a security risk and breach of regulations. With Message Matrix’s integrations into these channels, your staff can meet their clients where they are and service them better than ever before.

Maximize sales, increase revenue,

and foster strong client relationships

Social Messaging Integrations
Biometric Approval
Extensive App Integration
Message Switchboard
Add or Remove Collegues
Secure Document Sharing
Voice and Video Calls
QR Code Communication

Trusted by industry leaders

Message Matrix’s compliant technology is optimised for and has been validated by major financial institutions.

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Message Matrix is a powerful messaging platform to help you effectively manage your client relationships. Get in touch and take the first step to revolutionise your organisation’s client engagement strategy.

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