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Whether you are a small to medium business, or an enterprise, we have a solution for you.

Best customer messaging platform


$30 per month

per staff user*

Includes the following:

  • WhatsApp / SMS Enabled
  • Message Switchboard
  • Conversation Repository
  • Subject Based Messaging
  • Contact Information Protection
  • Voice & Video Calls **
  • Secure Attachments
  • 3rd Party API’s

*Based on a minimum 12 month subscription
**Usage charge applies


Pricing Upon Request

Includes all in Business +

  • Transaction Capabilities
  • Audio/Video Call Transcription
  • Voice Notes & Transcription
  • Custom Workflow Forms
  • Biometrics
  • White Labelling
  • On-Premise Options
  • Multiple Cloud Options


New Possibilities

Enhanced Productivity and Workflows

Message Matrix offers capabilities that go beyond simple messaging, enhancing organisations’ existing capabilities and workflows. By providing a convenient channel for communication, staff can handle client queries more efficiently, reducing frustration and improving workflow processes and productivity.

Stronger Client Relationships

Message Matrix’s secure messaging platform helps businesses build stronger relationships with their clients. With more convenience and efficiency, engaging with the business becomes far more accessible, creating a low-friction experience and fostering an environment of collaboration and connectivity.

Simplified Communication Processes

Message Matrix aims to simplify communication processes by replacing outdated methods with a streamlined user-friendly messaging platform that improves efficiency and productivity. With a centralised messaging platform, communication becomes streamlined, eliminating the need to switch between multiple channels.

Efficient Issue Resolution

Enable dedicated staff members to collaborate and gain expert advice from colleagues easily. This streamlined collaboration saves valuable time and leads to quicker resolutions for clients, improving their overall experience and satisfaction, whilst providing organisations with control and oversight over client requests.

Controlled Client Engagement

Unlike email or traditional messaging apps, when a colleague is brought into a thread on Message Matrix, they do so without surrendering their contact details. This provides organisations with better control over customer relationships, limiting direct access to staff or third parties.

Scalable Integrations

With seamless integration into existing systems, business tools and workflows, Message Matrix empowers businesses to meet evolving needs and to adapt and grow without disruption.

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