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A healthy business thrives on good communication to foster better synergies between individuals, teams, and departments. In the modern business world, with so much work being done remotely, having a collaborative platform to facilitate such communication is critical.

Research shows that as many as 75% of employees believe that collaboration is critical for them to successfully do their jobs. Moreover, companies that promote collaboration through the use of collaboration platforms have been shown to reduce employee turnover rates by an astounding 50%.

Having an online collaboration tool that acts as an instant messaging platform can help your organisation improve its performance by incorporating all the conveniences of modern messaging apps with the advanced customisation and security support needed to keep your business secure and provide you with peace of mind.

Using a team collaboration tool like this is essential in 2023 for several reasons:

It Supports Remote Working

During the pandemic, remote and hybrid working models proved to work quite successfully and helped companies reduce costs. In this environment, digital collaboration tools can facilitate teamwork and enhance communication across any geographical distance.

Moreover, remote working opportunities have been shown to boost employee satisfaction and talent retention. Employee retention rates could improve by as much as 50% if remote working is facilitated.

Collaborative platforms can provide a means to centralise communication and facilitate project management. Such an information-sharing system makes it far easier for teams to work effectively together when separated in terms of physical location.

The increased rate of globalisation in 2023 makes this an absolutely essential part of running an effective modern business.

It Improves Staff Morale & Promotes Key Skills Retention

Research shows that when employees feel heard, they end up delivering better work and are more likely to remain on staff. In addition, employee retention is boosted through improved working conditions and the capability to function effectively as a remote worker, as mentioned above.

Employee turnover rates have also been shown to be reduced by 50% when collaboration and teamwork are emphasised and facilitated through effective collaboration platforms.

Moreover, employees who regularly collaborate during their workday and who have access to digital collaboration tools report being 17% more satisfied with their jobs and workplace environment overall.

Enhances Decision-Making Capabilities In A Digital World

Research has demonstrated that having an instant messaging platform can help an organisation better integrate new technologies, trends, and data-driven insights into its workflows to ensure that it remains competitive. In large part, this is due to the enhanced decision-making capability that it affords, thanks to improved access to data-driven insights and timely communication between key parties.

Promoting synergy through knowledge sharing and the management of various expertise throughout the organisation makes collaborative platforms a vital part of helping businesses keep up with the market’s gyrations.

These types of platforms facilitate cross-functional collaboration by breaking down silos and helping foster a more holistic approach to problem-solving.

Message Switchboard: Connecting Clients and Teams Effortlessly

In addition to the numerous benefits of a collaborative platform, Message Matrix introduces a powerful feature: the Message Switchboard. This unique and innovative tool is an evolution of the traditional telephone switchboard.

The Message Switchboard facilitates connecting clients to the right staff member and enables staff to bring in colleagues to the conversation. Using QR codes, inbound messages can be quickly routed to the appropriate staff or team, ensuring faster resolutions and a low-friction experience for clients.

A good online collaborative tool is so much more than just an instant messaging platform. It’s a way to truly connect your teams and uplift your business. Here at Message Matrix, we can help provide you with a collaborative platform that will enable greater synergy in the modern business world. Contact us today to boost your productivity with our state-of-the-art team collaboration tool.

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