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Through our unique message switchboard, we seamlessly connect clients and staff to drive success and revolutionise the way businesses engage with their customers.
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Make the most of every interaction. Enhance your customer journey by seamlessly connecting your clients to relevant team members.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention
  • Improve Workflows and Maximise Efficiency
  • Close Deals Quicker
  • Maintain Organisational Control
  • Save Hours Per Day of Staff Time
  • Simplify Communication Processes
  • Organisational Control and Oversight over Customer Engagements

Increase Accessibility.

Reduce Friction

With billions of users already using WhatsApp and SMS, we have integrated the world’s most popular messaging apps into our platform – reducing customer friction and enhancing customer journeys!
By seamlessly integrating with your existing workflows and business processes, we don’t change your business structure, we enhance it.

Team communication tool
Social Messaging Integrations
Biometric Approval
Extensive App Integration
Message Switchboard
Add or Remove Collegues
Secure Document Sharing
Voice and Video Calls
QR Code Communication

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With Message Matrix you can effortlessly engage with a wider range of customers. Engage with more clients, more frequently, and at a lower cost.

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Transform the way your business communicates, one message at a time.

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Meet your clients where they are

1 %

Open rates for messaging while only 18% for email

1 %

Of companies find that they communicate with companies more efficiently after launching
texting initiatives

1 %

Of customers prefer receiving text messages over a phone call or an email

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